Help you in narrowing down your concept/product options by see it clearly through our rigorous method. Give you a navigation system to asses where we are in terms of competition.


Together we will learn the essential forces who construct the need gap.


Our online panel allow you to collect data faster with full control across the region.


This is our tool for Concept and Product Evaluation. As the name implies, our approach help you in narrowing down your concept/ product options by see it clearly through our rigorous method.

Quantitative research in nature, we employ the most suitable procedures for your specific need. We give detail attention to recruitment process, product storage and preparation, product display, product trial/placement up to product disposal.

Our dashboard software will give you an easy way to look at different reactions from different target group.

We also have brand navigation system, Verite, provide you with periodical reading in terms of market dynamic, brand building block, consumer need & wants. In addition, the system is also designed to provide reading in consumer profiles, media reach and effectiveness of IMC.

The objective of having Verite is simply to asses where we are in terms of competition. However, cumulative one-year data should be sufficient for further analysis such as Segmentation-targeting exercise and Positioning exercise.

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Competition, market and consumption provide us with context to determine what are relevant aspects in the particular category. We should build our brand identity in accordance to that context.

We will narrow down the routes in solving the need gap. Both paths that are already used and the less travelled. We present the routes in terms of:

  • Psychological and sociological offers
  • Value (attitudinal traits)
  • Manner (behavioral traits)

Our next offer is a workshop where we can help you select the direction. We will also help you to articulate your brand identity in terms of brand story or brand narration.

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The online panels are professionally managed databased of consumers willing to answer survey online.
A survey is set up and monitored in our online survey system. A link is sent by e-mail to selected panel members.

Doing it right from the beginning :

  • By invitation only
  • You can't choose to joint our panels or recommend your friends – We invite to ensure random selection and full control.

  • Single source
  • We apply one method for recruitment across all panels to give you consistent results, every time

  • No prefessionals
  • Our panelist are offered small lucky draws – that’s it ! We only want people joining for the right reason.

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